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Get Peace of Mind Knowing Your Website is Always Secure, Backed Up & Properly Maintained with Our Perth WordPress Maintenance Package…

Maintaining your website can seem like a daunting task, especially for non-technical business owners who don’t have access to an in-house web development team.

Keeping up to date with never ending updates can be a real headache… WordPress is telling you to update to the latest version but you fret about the consequences of clicking the Update Now button!

And worrying about your website going offline or getting hacked would cause any business owner to lose sleep.

How much would it affect your business if your website was down for several days, or worse was lost forever?

That’s why we are introducing our Comprehensive WordPress Maintenance Perth Packagelet us take the stress out of managing your WordPress website and forget about fiddling with updates, or worrying about security and backups

Rest at ease knowing your site is always running smoothly 24/7.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews

5 Star Google Reviews The Web Shop scored 5/5 Stars on Google from 27 Client Reviews

What’s Included?


WP, Plugins & Theme Updates

WordPress, Plugins and Themes are constantly being updated with the latest security patches. These cover any potential security risks and not updating them may leave your site vulnerable to exploits.

When you login to your Dashboard, have you noticed the Update notifications but were unsure what to do, or worried that you might break your site if you clicked the button?

Did you know that it’s crucial to make a backup of the site files and database before proceeding with an update as complications often arise?!


WordPress Updates installed as soon as they become available


Plugin Updates installed as soon as they become available


Theme Updates installed as soon as they become available


Off-Site Backups

Regularly backing up your site is crucial and will save your bacon should your website go down or get hacked. However, just backing up on the web server is not enough, you need to have duplicates saved off-site in a safe location.

Let us take care of this complex and tedious process for you by backing up all your website files and database both on our local systems and also on the Cloud and feel at ease knowing your investment is always protected;


Daily Remote Offsite Backups – The last 5 days always backed up to the Cloud and locally


Weekly Remote Backups – The last 3 weekly backups always backed up to the Cloud and locally


Monthly Remote Backups – The last 3 monthly backups always backed up to the Cloud and locally



Security & Hack Prevention

Hackers use automated scripts to scour the web for any website with vulnerabilities in their structure. Out-dated versions of WordPress, Plugins and Themes pose one of the easiest routes for these scripts to exploit your website and inject malicious code.

Weak passwords can easily be cracked with password cracking software, allowing someone on the other side of the world to gain full control over your business’s most precious asset!

Make sure this doesn’t happen to you;


Secure Website Firewall – Blocks & prevents hack attempts


Real Time Security Monitoring – 24/7 monitoring & blocking of hack attempts


Regular Updates to Security System – Our database is constantly being updated with preventative measures for the latest security threats as they emerge


Daily Scans of Site Files & Database – Any malicious code will quickly be detected and removed


Database Optimisation

Over time your database can develop a large amount of unnecessary data, slowing down your website significantly. Regular removal of this bloat will help keep your website running at maximum speed, thereby keeping your customers and Google happy!


Monthly Database Optimisation

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