The Web Shop Design Process

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Web Design Made Super Simple

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Design Process

Web Design Process Made Super Easy

Step 1: Scope Definition

Define the project scope, including the scale and features of the site, competitors and target market

Step 2: Visual Sitemap

Visually map the page structure and navigation flow in an easy to comprehend Site Map diagram

Step 3: Website Wireframe

Wireframes demonstrate the informational architecture and relative position of content in a greyscale format free from aesthetic design elements such as colours, images and fonts

Step 4: Aesthetic Theme Design

Incorporation of the aesthetic design style of the website to incorporate the proposed fonts and colours etc. to appeal to your target market and make your brand shine

Step 5: Website Construction

Construction of the website based on the designs approved by you. Code the website framework, enter the page structure and content and integrate the required functionality

Step 6: Testing Phase

Testing on wide range of browsers, devices and monitor resolutions to identify and amend any remaining issues

Step 7: Go Live!

The big day when your stunning new website launches to the public!