Why WordPress?

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Why Use WordPress to Power Your Website?

At The Web Shop, we specialise in WordPress web design. The service is affordable for small businesses and we provide complete CMS solutions for larger organisations as well.

We live and breathe WordPress. From laying out designs to optimisation, we will help you get the most out of your website. We are experts in tailoring web design strategies to different business needs.

We deliver services to the highest standards and love pushing the boundaries of what WordPress can do for businesses.

7 Awesome Benefits of WordPress

Industry Leading CMS

WordPress is the Industry Leading CMS with over 50% of the worldwide market share. It is easy to use, powerful, flexible, scaleable, reliable and secure

WordPress is Easy

WordPress is Really Easy – If you can use Microsoft Word, or write an email, then you will pick up WordPress in a breeze



WordPress is Powerful – With WordPress you are in control of your website. You can add content yourself simply and easily, or just ask us to do it for you

Value for Money

WordPress Means Value for Money – Because the WordPress framework is open source this means we can deliver your website at a much lower cost

Constantly Updated

WordPress is Constantly Updated – Major upgrades are released about twice a year which continually expand the features and ease of use of WordPress


WordPress is Extremely Stable – A huge and active global WordPress community means that any issues are quickly identified and resolved


With WordPress You Are Free - Because WordPress is so widely used and open source, just about any company will be able to make changes or take over management of your site. You will not be locked into a proprietary system as you would be with many other web design companies

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