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Why Your Website Should Be Responsive

by | Apr 15, 2015

About 1.4 billion—or one in every five—people in the world owns a smartphone today. They use it to access different sites, which they need for researching or buying their needs. Developing a website is only the first step in reaching your target audience though, so you shouldn’t stop there. You have to make an effort to encourage them to buy the moment they visit. This is where responsive design is beneficial.


Boost User Experience

Regardless of how high your ranking is on search, it will be useless if mobile users cannot browse your website easily. Responsive design works according to the device of your site visitors. It resizes the text and images for everybody to see clearly what products you’re offering without pinching or zooming in. If all they need to do is to scroll and tap, then you’re making the buying process easier for them.


Improve Conversion Rates

If it’s easier to buy on mobile, consumers are likely to do it again. Responsive design allows your visitors to get what they want whenever they want without the hassle. Many users tend to tap the back button once they see that a website isn’t optimised for mobile. This can increase your site’s bounce rate and affect your search engine rankings.


No Need for Mobile Apps

Many mobile apps today need an Internet connection, so what difference does it make if users can visit your site directly? If it’s going to offer the same features your site has, then it’s better to go responsive. Not everybody has the time to download a new app unless they really need it. In addition, mobile apps take up space and can cause phones to slow down when users have maxed out their phone memory.


At The Web Shop, we understand your need to reach and keep your target market. Our web designers are here to help you create a mobile-friendly responsive design that fits all devices. Contact us to get started.


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