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Web Design Trends for 2020

by | Sep 28, 2019

The world of web design is always filled with new and exciting trends. Below, we take a look at three of the best that will gain prominence as we move in to 2020.


One Colour Dominance

First and foremost, as we get to the end of 2019, we are likely to see one colour rule. More and more businesses are electing to opt for one colour, teamed with either black or white for the design of their website. There are various benefits associated with doing so. Not only does it create a big impression, but also it ensures that the business’s brand is memorable. People will easily associate the chosen colour with the brand. Plus, it’s a trend that’s really easy to implement if you’re doing it yourself through one of the free website builders that are available today.


Mobile Video

With every year that passes by, we tend to see huge growth in terms of web design. In regards to 2019, it seems that all aspects of design progressed, with mobile video being an exception. At present, it is more than fair to say that smartphones struggle when it comes to video. This is especially the case when it comes to advertising. Nonetheless, this is likely to change throughout the year ahead, as the mobile web is becoming increasingly profitable for advertising campaigns and therefore advancements in mobile video are going to be necessary. This is a trend that will become important when it comes to creating a point of sale app as well. Videos can help encourage purchases, from demo videos to special offer videos.


Creative Navigation Menus

Gone are the days when you would have a simple bar running across the top of the page as a ticker. Instead, navigation is going to become a lot more user-friendly and a lot more focused on holistic design.


More Personalization

Aside from the trends that have already been mentioned, this trend is more of a continuation of a trend. However, as time moves on, this is a trend that we are going to see become more and more prominent, developing at a greater speed. We may even get to the stage where website experiences are completely unique to the person that is viewing them!


Longer Scrolling Websites

Last but not least, you may have noticed a few websites cropping up with a greater amount of scrolling. This is something we are likely to see more of throughout the year ahead. This trend has been born out of the boom in mobile and tablet usage. Scrolling makes it much easier for this type of user as opposed to including an abundance of links. You can simply scroll through the page to find the info you require. A lot of websites are incorporating this with another trend, which is story-telling, i.e. take the viewer on an interactive journey as they scroll down your web page.


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