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5 Killer Tips for Better Web Design

by | Dec 21, 2015

We live in an era where everything is packing its bags and shifting to the virtual world. From shopping, education and simple tasks such as reading and making notes, EVERYTHING is going online.

This shift has caused various businesses and various entities to change their business models and expand their horizons. They do this by creating a website which acts as their virtual shop or ofice, where they and their customers can interact in a more personalized and effective manner. These websites are the gateway to success and to ensure that they are successful and achieve their purpose, they should be designed accordingly. A website to which the design has been given great thought and care is a hit amongst customers and visitors. Here are a few tips to help you when designing!


Our Top 5 Web Design Perth Tips

  1. A clutter free zone: your website needs to be designed as a clutter free zone. To ensure that your visitors stick to your website, you need to ensure that your webpages are simple and don’t contain too much that they get confused and decide to hit the back button. Stay away from adding too much visual information such as graphics and photographs, and make your content clean and simple. Less links and options also help in keeping it simple and classy.
  2. Be bold: be bold, but only when it is needed. Too much boldness in everything just gives out the wrong message. Remember, make your headers and your names bold. Everything else should be in a normal font. If there’s a quotation that you want to add, go italics on that one!
  3. Color conscious: color is an amazing thing when it is used in moderation. There is a very thin line when choosing color schemes and themes. You can either rock it or flop it! Use color schemes that aren’t too loud, and aren’t too mellow either. Choose one that goes with your organization and use dashes of colors when wanting to guide you visitors to a link or highlight important information.
  4. Quality content: quality content, be it visual or verbal should be such that it reeks high quality. Anything that is ‘off the net’ is just not acceptable and gives a message that you’re copy cats. Invest in good photographers or graphic designers that can create original master pieces for you and hire writers that match your tone. Do not compromise in this area since the first impression is the last impression. And in this plethora of websites, you want to leave a mark, and only an original can do so!
  5. Responsive designs: in the past many people have developed separate websites for desktop and mobile devices. Instead of doing this, it is better is a responsive design is chosen which will automatically adjust and adapt to the browser size. This ensures that the visitors have a good experience browsing with you and it takes their experience to the next level.




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