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Tools for Measuring the Results of Your Marketing Strategy

by | Jan 23, 2015

So you have decided on a content marketing strategy, you know your goals, your target audience and the different types of content you want to create and promote. Once you have created your content and it has been on the internet for a few weeks, the next step is to determine whether your plan has worked.

The obvious measure of this is your ROI – how much is your return on your investment? This can sometimes be difficult to pin down exactly, but there are ways you can decide whether certain types of content and avenues of promotion are working for you or not.

To this end, here is a list of analytical tools that will help you to measure the results of your content marketing strategy (some of these are free and some are paid services):

  • Google Analytics: With this software you can measure your conversion rate, the impact of your social media campaigns and even mobile web traffic. You can also create customised reports for you to analyse.
  • Simple Reach: This site helps you to determine which of your content types drive the most traffic across your social networks, which type of content works best on each channel and identifies which audience segments are driving your ROI. All of this helps you to optimise your campaign and increase your conversions.
  • Curalate: If you use a lot of images in your content, then this site will scour the internet and look for people and sites where your brand is mentioned or tagged. It searches Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook for you, giving you insights into your brand awareness related to the images in your content.
  • TrackMaven: Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by identifying trending market opportunities and tracking the progress of your content over time, relative to the competition.
  • SqueezeCMM: This software actually measures the ROI of your content and gives you an easy to understand score. You can track your conversion rates, make educated changes and optimise your content, based on real-time analytics.
  • Crowd Booster: This is a great tool to measure and optimise your social media marketing content. Gain important insights into your audience and adapt your content to suit potential customers. You can create customised reports, tables and graphs.

This is only an example of the software that is easily available online. Next week we will take a look at other types of software that can help you ramp up your content marketing strategy.


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