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The Essentials of Internal Links

by | Sep 2, 2014

One of the essential skills for web designers is understanding on-page optimisation. Good SEO is a technique that must be honed and can certainly take some serious time to learn.

There are however, some simple, yet important on-page SEO techniques that any business owner, who already feels confident tinkering in the back end of their website, should be able to do themselves.

Previously, we have talked about permalinks and outbound links, both of which help to strengthen your on-page SEO, so today we are going to take a look at internal links and how they can help drive traffic to all of your web pages.


What are Internal Links?

Internal links are clickable hyperlinks between the pages of your website. As a user-friendly navigational tool they are indispensable, because they direct the user to content on your other pages, which may be of interest to them. It is a great way to keep visitors coming back to your site.

For example, above you will see that we have given you two links to previous articles on permalinks and outbound links. Both of these are important to on-page SEO. If you have not already read these articles, then you have an easy way to access them – just click on the internal links.


Share the Juice

On their own, internal links assist your visitor to navigate your website, but simply add authority backlinks into the mix and the result can be truly spectacular. This is because quality backlinks not only add relevance to the page that it points to, but with internal links, that relevance or juice flows throughout your website.

Without internal links, all of the juice from an authority site, will be kept on one page. Your internal links are the arteries via which the juice from backlinks flows throughout your website.

Google likes backlinks from high quality or authoritative websites, especially those in your particular field. Whilst we don’t know the internal workings of Google’s algorithms, we do know that high quality backlinks help with rankings.

Have you ever seen a web site dominate the first page of Google? Where most if not all of the first 10 slots are simply different pages from the same website? This site clearly has high ranks on these internal pages and one of the easiest ways to achieve this, is by internally linking your content and passing the juice from authority site backlinks throughout your site.


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