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Social Media Management Tools

by | Jan 30, 2015

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you already know that social media is here to stay. The problem is that many business owners have no idea how to start and manage a social media network.

Many others simply don’t have the time to devote to learning all about the uses of social media and the best ways to utilise it in their line of business. All is not lost however, because there are two simple ways to remove most, if not all, of the stress from managing a social media network.

The first way is to find someone experienced in this line of work and engage them to manage your social media presence for you. The second is to use a number of easily available online tools that will take the sting and the worry out of your social media campaigns.

So here is a list of some of the available software that you can use to set up and manage your own social media network:

  • Hootsuite: This website allows you to manage all of your social media channels and accounts from one single dashboard. You can schedule content for publication to your various channels, track what people are posting to your accounts and monitor what they are saying about your brand.
  • Tweetdeck: Manage multiple accounts and monitor multiple timelines all in one single dashboard. You can schedule tweets, use alerts to keep up to date with trends or mentions, and search for specific content by users or engagement.
  • Buffer:  If you are short on time, Buffer will automatically post your videos, articles or photos to your social media accounts for you. A great time saver!
  • SalesForce: Easily track down what’s being said about your own and your competition’s brand across social media. Find out what customers want, what types of content engages them and easily participate in real-time conversations, helping to drive social awareness of your brand.
  • Bottlenose: Track what’s trending in your industry and learn about breaking news before your competition. Find out about emerging trends, analyse your market’s direction and take advantage of the competitive landscape by engaging your audience and influencing their buying direction.

There are lots more social media tools available online for you to ramp up your campaigns and beat the competition!


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