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3 Steps to Creating a Small Business Website

by | Aug 19, 2019

Today, any business needs a website - whether you’re selling goods or services, you are home-based, mobile, operating out of an office, a store, warehouse or workshop. If you need to market what you do to the general public or to trade customers, then a website is absolutely essential.

And today, it’s easier than ever to get your business website up and running. Web developers are more accessible and affordable than ever before thanks to easy-to-use tools that they can take advantage of, plus you have the option of using DIY website platforms and web builders that anybody can easily pick up, even with little to absolutely no previous coding or web design experience. Your business website is going to be a central hub for your customers to find out more about your brand, get answers to their questions, and in some cases even make purchases directly. Whatever your business, here are some of the key things that you need for your first website.


#1. A Web Designer

Sure, there are plenty of web design tools out there that you can use with thousands of free templates to choose from that you can easily edit by yourself to create a basic website. But, whilst these tools might have become a popular way for anybody to get their own website, they do come with their own set of drawbacks, which could get in the way of your business’ future growth. Template-based services may be easy to use but they are also very restricted, which can leave you frustrated with the lack of customization available. Instead, it’s a wise idea to use the services of a freelance web designer who can put together a professional, modern site with your business model and goals in mind.


#2. Trust Symbols

Today, another important factor that you’ll need to consider for your new business website is trust symbols. SSL certification, for example, is becoming increasingly more crucial for today’s online businesses as this shows users that any information that they enter into the site is encrypted and secure, rather than being left open and at risk of being passed on. Opt for a hosted platform that includes SSL certification as standard or look into options for purchasing one for your site as a top priority. This is especially important if you are selling products or services on your site or otherwise require customers and users to enter potentially sensitive personal details.


#3. Good Content

Finally, your website has a great design and it’s secure – what’s next? Well, the content that you display on your website will make all the difference to the experience that your visitors have when they land on it. A company blog is a great addition to add to your site as not only does this provide a crucial point of interest for visitors, it can improve your authority online and increase the reach of your website, which in turn helps to boost your reputation and can even improve your search engine ranking.

Creating your first small business website can be daunting. Get these basics right, and you’re well on your way to success.


  1. Phil

    What would be an average budget for a small business WordPress site?

    • The Web Shop

      Hi Phil,

      The average would be around $2k, with costs dependent on the scale of the site and the functionality required.


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