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Leveling The Playing Field For Your Small Business

by | Jul 6, 2016

There’s a secret that other businesses don’t want you to know about.

Your competition, the businesses in your industry and the bigger businesses with bigger budgets know that if you knew what they knew, well, then the playing field would get leveled.

Here’s the thing, we’re going to tell you the secret – You can compete regardless of the size of your business.

That’s right.

Long gone are the days when you would need a large marketing budget to take out television commercials, magazine ads and other print advertisements.

Thanks to the Internet, much of the marketing focus has moved online and with the right online strategy, you could very well be getting new paying customers and clients sooner than you think.

More and more people are finding businesses for products and services online, NOT in the newspaper or yellow pages, and most are doing these searches from their mobile devices.

Why is this important for you to note?

  1. Mobile searchers are ALREADY in a buying mood
  2. Mobile searches convert

Don’t believe us? Here’s a quote that should get you excited:

“Four out of five searches via mobile devices lead to a purchase, often within a few hours, the survey said. Compared with other devices, the mobile phone showed the highest conversion rate, with nearly 80 percent of mobile phone searches ending in a purchase.  And, nearly three out of four of those mobile phone searches that converted brought the customer into a brick-and-mortar store.”


So, what IS this online strategy?

It’s simple really:

A mobile ready and responsive website + quality content + search engine optimization (SEO).

It breaks down like this…


Mobile Ready And Responsive Website

If you don’t have a website, then we have bigger fish to fry, but if you do (and we’re assuming you do), then the next step would be to ensure that it’s mobile ready.

This means it should look nice on a mobile phone or device, should be easily searchable and have easy call to actions like “Contact Us” or “Click Here To Call.”

If you are wondering if your site is mobile friendly just open it up on your phone. If it doesn’t look user friendly, then contact us and we’ll show you how you can get it there.


Quality Content

Your content needs to be doing something.

Your content needs to help buyers to make a buying decision.

You don’t need fluff, you don’t need filler and you don’t need stuff that just looks good.

It’s often said that as long as the message is there, nothing else really matters.

In this case, you want the message AND a clean layout (see above) so that visitors can clearly see that message.



Last, but not least, you need to be able to get found online.

You can have the greatest looking website and the best content, BUT if you aren’t ranked highly enough, then you won’t get any visitors – simple as that.

The proper SEO done to your web properties will ensure that you are ranking as highly as possible for your given keywords and industry, so that when the time comes for someone to search for your product or service, that you will be in the top spot.

Again, the strategy and formula is simple:

A mobile ready and responsive website + quality content + search engine optimization (SEO).

The playing field has been leveled thanks to the Internet and we can put that formula above to work for your business.

All you need to do is get in touch with us.

Call us in Perth today at (08) 6311 7534 or contact us via our website to see how we can get you more paying customers today.


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