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The Skinny on Link Building

by | Sep 19, 2014

Search Engine Optimisation experts know that the best technique to help rank our client’s websites is to build links. There are however, good and bad links and the right way and the wrong way to build them.

A few years ago, you could just pay for links to your website and because the search engines didn’t know any better, the more links you had, the more popular your website and the higher it ranked. Search engines have evolved since then and are now able to recognise websites that have lots of unnatural or ‘spammy’ links.


The Penguin Update

It was Google’s Penguin update, earlier this year, which really put the end to black-hat SEO techniques such as paid links. The problem was that paid links were seen to have the singular purpose of manipulating website rankings.


Natural Link Building

No one knows exactly how much weight Google places on links, but we all know that links from high quality authority sites can quickly increase rankings. So one of the main techniques to increase rankings is to build natural links to authority sites in your field.

There is no time frame on this, because it takes time to build these links and anyway, links are only one factor in ranking well (even if they are an important factor). The other main factor is still the quality of your content and its relevance to the searcher’s query.


You Still Need Good Content

You are not going to receive backlinks from authority sites unless you have well written, organised and engaging content. Visitors need to find the information they are looking for on your website quickly and to feel that you understand them – do this and they will keep returning to your site.

A good way to increase traffic is to have a blog, which you update frequently and is written in a way that engages your visitors. This helps to increase traffic because your visitors return to your site to check on your blog and to see what other information you have updated.

In addition, frequent postings encourages Google to re-index your website, which gives them additional information on the relevance of your site. Add to this the authority links you are building and Google starts to understand your place in the world and can quickly determine the relevance of your web pages relative to a searcher’s query.

Building naturally acquired, authority backlinks takes time, but without them and without good content you are unlikely to rank well in the serps.


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