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Should I Do SEO Myself?

by | Jun 30, 2016

There’s no debating it.

A number one ranking in the search engines for your given business, industry or keyword can bring about more inquiries, sales and new clients.

However, the million dollar question remains – HOW do you get that ranking?

It’s easy, they say.
It’s not that hard, they say.
You can do it yourself, they say.

Unfortunately “They” don’t know what they are talking about. It’s like the saying goes – “If it were that easy, then everyone would be doing it.”

Yeah, everyone isn’t.

Sure, you can do Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) yourself, to get that ranking IF you are an SEO expert. If you aren’t then you need to understand this – The SEO landscape is constantly changing and evolving.

What used to work no longer does, and in fact what may have worked as recently as a year ago, may no longer be working. There are tried and true methods, and there are some that come and go on a regular basis. It’s an ever evolving process as the search engines better understand how to serve it’s users and provide them with what they want.

Since it’s our business, literally, we are constantly keeping up with those changes through our own testing & research, reading up & studying the industry, and utilizing best practices when it comes to SEO.

Do we recommend that you do SEO yourself on your own site?

No, we don’t.

Please understand while that may sound self serving so we get your business, we say no because we’d rather you get things done correctly from the start. We do so with methods that have always worked, while employing strategies and tactics to put you in the best position to rank on that coveted first page. Here are three reasons why we want you to let us do the heavy lifting for you.



This is what we do and what we spend our time on. We study the ever evolving search engines, test and research what’s working and what’s not and bring you all of the meat without any of the fluff.

See, you could sit down for weeks or months at a time to figure things out, but why do that when we’ve already done so?
When you let an SEO expert handle it for you, you’ll save yourself tons of time.



Yes, energy.

It takes a lot of physical AND mental AND emotional energy to set things up, then wait a few days or weeks to see if it even worked. That’s the hard part. When it comes to SEO, you have to wait and see if your work paid off AND if it will stick.

We can save you that energy, by using only our best practices to ensure that you rank for your specific needs.



There’s money to be spent on software to do SEO tasks like keyword research and competition analysis.
If you are on a budget, then you will want someone to do your SEO who knows what he or she are doing so you can get the most for your money AND save yourself from spending more than you should.

If you want things done correctly from the beginning, and want to avoid having to spend more money to re-do work that was done incorrectly, then you really ought to think about having an SEO company handle your SEO and ranking needs.

Here at The Web Shop, we can do just that.

Don’t leave it to chance, call us in Perth at (08) 6311 7534.

We can handle any SEO campaign, big or small. We can handle it all.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help, call us at (08) 6311 7534.


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