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6 Essential SEO Tips to Improve Your Website Traffic

by | Nov 7, 2015

Emerging web businesses and new website owners wish to get their website ranked on the top of Google. To achieve this, they find ways to increase their visibility in the search engine results. This is what is known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You really don’t need to be an SEO expert; neither do you need to pay anyone to get SEO services.

Following are very significant and simple SEO tips that even an inexperienced website owner can understand and apply and obtain remarkable results.


1. Choose Appropriate Keywords

Appropriate keywords are essential through the entire website. The URL, article title, content, metadata and image name should contain your main keyword. If you want to boost your traffic, you have to select the keyword in which the readers are interested, not what you want them to look for. Before writing the content, you should give proper time for keyword research. There are some very useful tools, like Google Keyword Planner, that help you find the keywords that attract the most traffic.


2. Be Natural

In an attempt to rank in the first page of search engines some people approach SEO with the wrong outlook. It is essential to maintain the interest of the readers as they proceed through your content. The overuse of keywords, or keyword stuffing, makes the content unnatural and uninteresting. The readers don’t find such material valuable and it will result in the loss of your own credibility. Always use the keyword as much as it fits naturally in your content.


3. Update Your Content

Dynamic and updated content is more liked by the readers and is ranked higher than content that is not updated. Regularly updating the information provided in your content will result in good traffic.


4. Utilise Social Media Opportunities

One of the important SEO tips is to spread the content of your website on social media. The increased usage of social networks has provided great opportunity for the website owners to increase their traffic. Your readers and then their community members will like, respond and distribute your links, resulting in an automatic exponential rise in the number of viewers of your site. If you give one hour to writing the content, you should give two hours to spreading it.


5. Improve Load Speed

An essential factor for SEO is the load speed of your website. Studies show that sites that take more than 3 seconds to load are bound to lose 40% of visitors. Tools like Pingdom are very helpful in calculating the load time of each element of the website. The image might be too large, there might be unnecessary plugins or it may be some code or flash graphics that is taking a longer time to load. You can then optimize your website, based on the results.


6. Get Back Links

Last but one of the most important SEO tips is to have back links to your website. This can be done by writing quality guest posts on other websites. Getting linked by the big websites with millions of readers will be of huge benefit.


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