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SEO Tips on Keywords Part 1

by | Sep 5, 2014

As web designers, we have some awesome clients, and the one thing they all want is to rank highly in the search engine results pages (serps). If you have been reading our blog, you will know that there are many different components to increasing your rankings and one essential element is on-page SEO.

Today we will take a look at keywords. Essentially, we will identify where to place your keywords for maximum SEO.

  1. Title tag: Website pages with keywords in the Title tag, rank higher than those without keywords in the Title tags. Additionally, try to include a keyword at the beginning of the title as this gives it more punch than in the middle or at the end of the title. Search engines want to present the most relevant results, in response to the searcher’s query, and will hone in on the Title Tags. Searchers, also look at the Title tags in the serps to determine which of the results they are going to click on.
  2. Meta Descriptions: The Meta Description is the text that appears underneath the Title Tag in the serps. Make sure that you have a SEO plugin on your WordPress website, such as Yoast SEO, that allows you to write your own Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. This way you can ensure that your keywords are in both elements. Having your keywords in the Meta Description reinforces the relevance of your web page to both Google and the searcher. Just remember to be as concise as possible because, depending on the search engine, you have between 150-170 characters to explain the relevancy of your page in the Meta Description.
  3. <H1> and <H2>: Make sure all of your headings are optimised for your keywords. Sometimes this is difficult, so just be aware of this and include them whenever possible, as this will help your SEO. Also be aware that people tend to skip down a web page, just reading the headings - which helps them to decide whether to read the entire page or move on. So including keywords in headings is important to catch the user’s eye and their interest. This is not always easy, but the more action you can take to keep the user on your website the higher your conversions.


We will follow up on our next blog with more SEO tips on Keywords Part 2.


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