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How to Make an Amazing SEO Keyword List

by | Oct 30, 2019

Once you are ready to start a new SEO plan, you need to remember that the keyword list is fluid. There are a lot of people who are not sure how to choose keywords or manipulate them.

If you would like to start writing up your own keyword list, you can use the tips listed below. These tips will help you cover all your bases, ensure that you are using as many helpful words as possible, and allow you to make your company far more noticeable online.


What Does Your Company Do?

Yes, the name of your company is important. However, what your company does it more important. When you go to a site like, you will learn that your industry uses standard keywords to describe your products/services. If you are creating keywords that define what you do, you can find customers who need those things. You can parlay one keyword into several more. For example, a company that manages online security should also talk about online safety, Internet safety, Internet security data protection, and so on. You want to capture the attention of as many online searchers as possible.


Where Is Your Company Located?

You can point out where your company is located, which cities you serve, landmarks, and cross streets in your keyword list. Local SEO is something that a lot of companies forget because they want to have a global audience. While it is nice to have a global audience, that does not mean that you can forsake the people who live near your office or shop. Because of this, you need to make sure that you have used as many local terms as possible. You never know how many customers who live near you did not even know you were there.


You Should Make Sure That You Know Who Buys Your Products

You need to have an audience who is going to buy your products, and you should market to those people. There are a lot of people who will buy your products because they need them, or there might be an age group that buys your products. Continue researching who your audience is so that you can use keywords they will relate to. For example, a younger audience will repeat to hashtags and modern jargon more than an older audience. Plus, a business is more likely to respond to information instead of keywords that seem to sell your products without teaching the customer anything.



There are a lot of companies that want to start marketing their products better, using keywords that are useful, and using keywords that will capture the local audience. When you want to start a new keyword list, you can begin to write keywords that talk about what your company does, where you are, and the products that you create for customers. You simply need to decide how to combine your most common industry keywords with the location keywords that you have created for your marketing campaign.


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