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The Importance of Customer Reviews for SEO

by | Nov 25, 2015

For any business and organisation, reviews matter a lot. Especially the good ones. Reviews can be best described as an organisation getting a pat on the back, or a cold shoulder from the customers. They can help you go from a mere three to a ten in a matter of a few hundred positive reviews, and especially in such a competitive world, your business and your organisation needs to get its hand on every positive review it can get. If you ask whether reviews play a major role in Search Engine Optimisation - they do!

Search Engine Optimisation is getting more advanced and is being developed in a way that visitors can have a better search experience. The algorithm behind Search Engine Optimisation is working along the lines that if your business is listed in every major online directory, your business is being mentioned regularly in all the major news sources and along with that, your business is getting super reviews, then your business is likely to be ranked at the top when being searched. But if your business is a low key one and is on the receiving end of poor reviews, then your business will NOT have a place at the top.
Of course not every business and organisation has five out of five stars, they do get mediocre or poor reviews once in a while. On the other hand, there are various businesses that don’t attract any reviews, even when they’re far better than others.


What SEO Perth Benefits Do You Gain by Getting Reviews?

Apart from being noticed? A LOT! You get ranked on the top and Google gives you a place in the top three businesses whenever a visitor searches for relevant queries. You also have the added bonus of being shown above your competitor if you have good reviews. How? Look at this way, when a visitor searches for a business related to what you offer in your area, yours will pop up on the top just because you have better ratings than others. When someone searches for a business in your area that’s like yours, Google uses customer ratings as a major determining factor for whom it places in those top three spots.

The next thing you get is you get more visitors. Obviously, when you’re on the top and ranked by Google, you’ll be getting more interested customers to your website, which will then take you a step higher on the Search Engine Optimisation ladder. More unique visitors mean that your website and your business is truly useful to customers. Third, Google Maps makes access to your business easy. Google Maps is also making use of Search Engine Optimisation to ensure better search experience for visitors that are seeking your services. How is it doing so? By updating its map search layout in a way that the markings and destinations will be shown along with their ratings and reviews in a more prominent way, which will help users and visitors with immediate feedback that would help them in making a quick decision. In some cases, along with ratings and rankings, customer reviews are also being shown (you would want the best to shown, right?)
Reviews do play a major part in getting a business to the next level. With digitalisation at its peak and everybody going online, Search Engine Optimisation is being developed according to the needs of the visitors. It is best to adopt marketing techniques that are holistic to get your business on top and to bag the top position on search engines.




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