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Reviews – The Secret Weapon For The Small Business Owner

by | Aug 25, 2016

When you think of your own buying habits, what immediately comes to mind?

Do you purchase the most expensive option because you “get what you pay for” or do you go the economic route?

Do you buy based on name brand alone or are there any other factors that come into play?

While you may mix some of the above, what can be said is that a buyer’s opinion in today’s market place holds a lot of weight.
Many buying decisions are made based off of what others have said about a product or service.

Don’t believe us? Ever heard of Amazon?

When it comes to your small business marketing, this could turn those fence walkers into buying customers.

So, here’s million-dollar question – HOW do you get those reviews?

Let’s take a look at our ABS method to get you the reviews your small business needs, to get those buying customers you have been looking for.



We know, brilliant right?

Just ask.

If you haven’t asked your clients and customers to leave you a review, then you are really missing the boat. Chances are good that you ALREADY have some pretty happy customers and clients, who just need a reminder to share with others just how awesome it is to do business with you.

Simply ask then them to leave you an honest review on sites like Google Reviews or Yelp. You’d be surprised at how many reviews you can get just by asking.


Be Smart ABOUT Asking

This may go without saying, but be smart with WHO you ask. There’s nothing written or any rules that says you need to ask every one of your customers and clients.

Here’s a tip to show you WHO you need to be asking.

When you get a comment from a customer or client that goes a little something like this – “Wow! We were floored by just how quick you were able to get that done! Thank you SO SO much,” then you can bet that the review they leave will be a good one.

When they are already fired up and excited about the great work your company does, stoke that fire and ask for the review.


Start Now

Don’t put off asking. Start the asking process now.Send out emails, make some phone calls or just ask them the next time you have a conversation.

Reviews are an extremely easy method to help bolster your trust factor amongst prospective customers and clients.
While you may be tempted to add this to your to-do list, what you need to do is add it to your to-do-NOW list.


To Summarize…

People buy from those they know, like and trust and the BEST way to get them to know you, like you and trust you is to see the great experiences that your current customer and client base are already having.


  1. Ask
  2. Be Smart About WHO To Ask
  3. Start NOW!

The power of reviews cannot be emphasized enough.

In fact, you can start to see immediate returns on those reviews if you make it a regular practice to be asking for them.
If you still need some guidance on getting those reviews, we’d be glad to help.

Just give us a call in the Perth area on (08) 6311 7534 to see how we can better assist you.


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