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How to Log in to Your WordPress Admin

by | Sep 16, 2013

Logging in to your new WordPress Content Management System admin dashboard is a very simple process, simply follow the steps below;


STEP 1: Open Your Web Browser

On your computer open your Web Browser software, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox.


Web Browsers


We recommend using Firefox which is a superior browser to Internet Explorer, and can be dowloaded and installed for free… >> Download Firefox


STEP 2: Navigate to Your Login URL

In your browser’s address bar, enter the login URL provided to you and press Enter.

It is in the format of www.yourdomain.com.au/wp-admin


Navigate to Your Login URL

Navigate to Your Login URL



STEP 3: Login

You should now be on the WordPress Dashboard Login screen as below;


WordPress Dashboard Login Screen

WordPress Dashboard Login Screen


  1. Enter the Username, usually ‘admin’ (case sensitive)
  2. Enter the Password provided to you (case sensitive)
  3. Check the ‘Remember Me’ checkbox
  4. Click the ‘Log In’ button


STEP 4: That’s It, You’re In!

You should now be logged into your WordPress Dashboard.

If you got an error screen, double check your password, or if you have lost it click the ‘Lost your password?’ link as per the above image. If this still doesn’t work pleaseĀ Contact Us for further assistance.


WordPress Dashboard Start Screen

WordPress Dashboard Start Screen



As WordPress is regularly updated, at some point you will see a notice at the top of the Dashboard asking you to update WordPress, as shown below.

It is important that you DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS PROCESS YOURSELF, as it may cause errors on your website due to conflicts with plugins.


Video Instructions

Here’s a short video detailing the process outlined above;


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