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Editing Page Content in WordPress

How to edit the content of pages using your website’s WordPress Content Management System.

Learn all the fundamental functions of editing your page content, including;


  • How to add buttons using easy shortcodes
  • What to do if you stuff up and want to revert a page to a previous iteration
  • The best way to paste text content from a Word document
  • How to easily insert PDF documents into pages
  • The correct way to format Headers and Paragraph text
  • How you can link to pages within your own website and to external websites
  • How to upload and format images to your pages to add visual information
  • Plus much more…
Pasting Content from MS Word

Pasting Content from MS Word

In this video we demonstrate the best method of pasting Content from MS Word, or any other word processing software, into your WordPress page and post content. It’s best practice to first remove the formatting from the Word document to keep the content styling consistent across your website pages…

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