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Basic Search Engine Questions

by | Dec 18, 2019

Everybody is familiar with the concept of a search engine, with many even making the Google page their own home page. It is the go-to destination for most people who are looking for an answer or who are trying to find a shop or address. But how do they work? How do companies ensure that they appear there and is there any real benefit to being list on Google? There are so many questions around these powerful search tools.

Here are some answers to a few of them…


Is there any benefit to being in Google?

The answer to this depends entirely on what your goals are. But the reality is that for anyone with a website or a digital platform there is a huge benefit and a great deal of money is spent by companies on SEO (which stands for search engine optimisation), to ensure that they are returned at the top of the Google search list. If you don’t have a digital platform and you are just looking for your name in Google, then sure, there is no benefit to spending money to come out top of the list, but if driving traffic to a platform is what you want to do, then you need to make sure that your site is properly optimised.


How does Google know what I want?

Google is very smart and when it searches the internet for the most relevant responses to return in answer to your search it considers more than 200 factors. Part of this is a location. If you live in Australia and you are looking for a plumber, there is no real benefit if the results returned list plumbers in Beijing. Localisation is important and to this end companies will focus on local SEO Melbourne or Sydney located businesses being targeted for presentation to Melbourne or Sydney audiences.


Is it possible to not be found on Google?

While most people want to ensure that their site can be found by Google and all the other search engines, there are people operating in the ‘dark web’ who prefer to not be found. The person who has developed the site can set the thing up to ensure that the site is easily found or to ensure that it is not indexed for search.


How many people use search engines?

The number of searches conducted daily is extraordinary. In fact, to demonstrate the scale and enormity of the work conducted by Google and others, the easiest way to explain the volumes is to state how many searches are performed each second. The answer to this is 70000 searches a second. Which is a huge number – especially when you consider that there are almost 90000 seconds in every day?


Is it only Google?

Google enjoys the majority share of the search market, but there are others out there as well. Bing and Baidu are two of the others that are available, the former being a Microsoft product while the latter dominates in the Chinese market, but despite this Google is still huge with the overwhelming market share and search engine optimisation is important part.


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