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About The Web Shop

The Web Shop is based in Perth and our philosophy is to keep the web design process as simple and easy for our clients as possible. We seek to listen very closely to customer requirements and deliver them in a highly streamlined way.

We don’t try to sell you additional technology, or confuse you with technical jargon but instead we put maximum focus, time and effort

into delivering ONLY the solutions you need to achieve your goals.

This approach means that we can deliver the WordPress websites Perth you need at exceptionally competitive prices, in remarkably quick time and make the whole process smooth and stress-free.


Clean, Fresh Design

Our clean, fresh designs are beautifully simple and elegant and display the professional aesthetic production standard provided by much larger design agencies – at a fraction of the cost.

Ongoing Support

The Web Shop stands behind every website we build and provides ongoing backup and support to all our clients. We can assist you with all your questions and offer advice on managing your website and post-launch marketing.

Single Lead Designer

We assign a single, WordPress Perth lead designer to every customer to consult in plain English throughout the project… no nerd-speak, no overseas call centres and no need to explain things repeatedly to different people.

Marketing Specialists

We have developed the best specialist website marketing and advertising services in Australia – which as a customer of The Web Shop, you can leverage to drive traffic, sales and leads through your website with comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

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