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6 Elements of Web Content Design that Increase Readability

by | Nov 13, 2013

Focus on Your Customers’ Ability to Quickly Absorb Important Information to Maximise Conversions

As we discussed in a previous Web Design Support Tutorial, the content of your website really is the most important element in generating leads and enquiries.

However, there is no point in spending time creating top quality content and writing persuasive copy if your customers can’t read it.

So what are some the most important considerations to bear in mind when laying out your offer?


1. White Backgrounds Work Best in Web Design Layouts

Your website has been designed by us with a white, or very light background to the main content column.

This is important as it acts as the most unobtrusive stage for your text, images and videos and studies have shown it provides the most readable contrast to your fonts which should be mostly dark grey or black.

Dark backgrounds with light fonts tend to induce eye strain.


2. Fonts & Typography for Web Design

As mentioned above, paragraph fonts should be in a colour that provides good contrast with the background. Font sizes should be kept large enough to read on small Smart Phone screens and choice of fonts should be restricted to web safe fonts without too much decoration which can reduce legibility.


3. Clear Headers & Paragraphs

Clear descriptive headers should be used above each main section or paragraph of text to allow users to scan for specific information they are seeking.

We have pre-determined the fonts for use in the Headers & Paragraphs in the Stylesheet of your website Theme, so make use of the Paragragh formatting drop-down on your Page Editing tool in WordPress, as described in the video below.


4. Margins, Padding & Whitespace

Leave plenty of whitespace between headers, paragraphs and content elements such as images and videos. This helps retain the clarity and readability and prevents users being overloaded with visual clutter.


5. Width of Text Columns

In most cases, we have built your website with a main content column and a sidebar column. One of the purposes of the sidebar is to keep the main content column narrower. Studies have shown that narrower columns are easier to read and indeed you will see this reflected in print media such as newspapers and magazines.


6. Maintain Consistency

Another important thing to keep in mind is to maintain a professional looking consistency of fonts, colours and spacing throughout all the pages on your site. Users quickly become used to the design paradigm of your website and changing this will only serve to confuse them.


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