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3 Signs Your Website Needs a Major Facelift

by | May 18, 2015

Redesigning a website opens new possibilities for gaining more traffic and improving credibility online. Revamping, however, is such a major move that most businesses put it off because they aren’t exactly sure if the timing is right. To help you with this major decision, we outlined here the signs your website needs a major facelift.


1. Your Website is Not Responsive

Mobilegeddon” is here. Google wants you to be device-friendly. You may lose a lot of potential customers if you still haven’t jumped into the responsive web design bandwagon. Going mobile-friendly will not just please the god of search engines, but also online users.

A responsive website offers an excellent user-experience across different devices and screen sizes. Website visitors won’t have to resize or adjust—or squint their eyes just to see your products.

Think about going responsive. We at The Web Shop specialise in making websites mobile-friendly. For years, we have helped websites become compatible with different devices.


2. Your Website Takes Forever to Load

A website that’s taking too long to load is enough reason for visitors to click the X button. Don’t make users wait. Consider optimising your site if it takes more than five seconds to load.

One culprit for long loading times is extremely large images. Often, PNG and JPEG image files are needlessly large. This is because of the additional data inside the file, such as unused palette entries or comments. You need to optimise images to reduce loading time.

Just recently, Google has been testing the red ‘slow’ label. These give users an idea of your website performance before they click on your site. Imagine a great loss of traffic if your site has that red tag. Cut down your website’s loading time. Our web design experts can help you with this.


3. Your Website Doesn’t Compel Users to Navigate Your Page

It can be difficult to evaluate this unless you have an analytics tool that allows you to see what users are doing in your site. Nevertheless, it’s important to know how people are interacting with your page. A drop in the number of visitors should tell you there’s something that needs fixing.

Observe your homepage. Is it appealing enough that visitors would want to see more of your other pages? Think about redesigning it or the whole site to encourage visitors to explore.


Does your website need a facelift? Contact us today, so we can get started on making your page a Google favourite and users’ most wanted.


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