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3 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know About

by | Sep 2, 2019

Consumer behavior is the basis of digital marketing trends and strategies. Given the fact that consumers are now all online, marketing efforts are now shifting to adapt to this new type of consumer. With almost half of the adult American population being constantly online, you can get closer to your potential consumers and increase the success of your marketing campaigns by molding your digital efforts to the latest consumer behavior.


Images and Videos

We all know that we spend our time scrolling and giving likes, so as an entrepreneur you should be taking advantage of this. The problem is that the more sources your potential customer has, the shorter their attention span is and it’s harder to capture their attention for as long as needed to convert them. But this can be addressed by adding images, sounds and videos to your online marketing content. Promote your brand by using a unique mix of fonts, images and videos, which can attract the user and make them come back for more. High quality written content is just not enough anymore, as most people spend their free time browsing social media, not reading long articles.

The key to successfully using rich content is tailoring it to the platform. For example, you can use longer videos for Youtube marketing campaigns and short videos for Instagram and Facebook.

A particularly useful element of the latest digital marketing trends is the sound. Voice searches are now becoming more and more popular, so you can optimize your SEO efforts for this new element.


Embrace Programmatic Ads

Programmatic ads are ads bought via a software and they are a big trend in the world of digital marketing. In the present, this type of ads are focused more on quantity than quality, but as the trend will continue to evolve, this will change, leading to more quality than quantity. To be prepared for this change you need to create a team able to understand the benefits of programmatic ads and use them to their full potential. Programmatic ad campaigns need to be mobile-friendly and customized to your audience. Think how your potential client consumes social content and focus on the type of content they like best. Testing different types of ads in order to find the most effective one is a great way to learn how to address to your audience and speak their language.


Base Your Efforts on Customer Data

No matter how you choose to market your business, something will stay the same: you have to base all your campaigns on raw data collected about your users. The moment when we are going to use artificial intelligence to analyze this data is not far away, but for the moment serious decisions are still taken by humans. Use the information you know from your past campaigns to fine tune the future campaigns.

Digital marketing is a fast-moving domain and you need to stay up to date with the latest news and trends, to keep your website relevant for your customers. Embrace the latest strategies and use all the tools available to increase your brand awareness and your ROI.


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