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3 Benefits of Social Media Networking

by | Aug 15, 2014

At our website design studio, we have found some very interesting facts about social media, which should be of interest to social media beginners:

  • 74% of people use social networking sites
  • 3 billion people use LinkedIn
  • 70 million people use Pinterest
  • 1.4 billion people use Facebook
  • 490 million people use YouTube
  • On average, people spend 15hrs 33mins on Facebook each month
  • 2.5 Million websites are integrated with Facebook
  • On average there are 58 million Tweets per day
  • Every 20 minutes, 1 million links are shared on Facebook
  • There are 2.1 billion Twitter search engine queries per day

So right there you have 10 good reasons to incorporate social media networking into your marketing strategy. Clearly, maintaining a presence on the social media platforms that your customers frequently use, indicates to your audience that you are keeping up with the times and are engaging them on their own terms.

There are however, 3 very solid reasons why engaging in social media networking is good for your business;


Business Exposure

With nearly 90% of small businesses reporting increased brand exposure and 72% of marketers reporting increased traffic and subscriptions, social media networking has a proven effect on brand marketing.

These sort of percentages encourage business owners to reallocate parts of their budget to social media networking, rather than the traditional methods of advertising. This switch in marketing focus is served well by the fact that social media is a very cost effective way to expose your business within the both the global and the local marketplace.


Lead Generation

Social media allows a business to be proactive in generating leads. With 74% of people using social networks, once you target your audience you can send them links to special discounts, competitions and discount sales – and access millions of people rapidly.

The key is to align your business activities with your company’s objectives and ensure that your website and content are optimised for conversions.


Competitive Edge

Social media happens in real time, so it is a great platform to announce limited time offers – for example, 50% off between 2pm and 4pm today. Being able to engage your audience in real time can rapidly increase your edge over the competition.

You can also give real time responses to customer’s enquiries or even complaints. This promotes your readiness to engage your audience, your honesty and integrity and your willingness to be transparent.

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